Only One

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Pain - made to order

Pain - made to order

Pain - made to order


I'm not the second coming, I'm the first wave

Better get an army, cuz the fire left me unscathed

You betcha bottom dollar I'm the top of the shit pile

So stick around cuz I'll get to you in just a few

Step off the achtung, get back or get stung

Idiotic sense of yourself, are you that dumb?

Entire legion of me, totalitarian

The one and only muthafucka, top of the world man

Cuz I can't stand it, planned it, gonna crash land it

In other words, consider me branded

Another version of me, another version of you

Both barrels - what you gonna do?

All I hear is human noise

You made your own fuckin' choice

I belong to only me

Silence for my revelry

I can only die over time

Filthy hands, stay away from mine

Every reason is a right to hate

Painful clutch - death is fine, gimme mine

Only one of us walks away (4x)

Somebody explain this

You don't care cuz you don't exist

What the fuck is this another joke?


Only one of us walks away (4x)